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IK’s Journey at UOSSM Physical Therapy Center.


At just 14 years old, IK faced recurring hand fractures that hindered her daily life. Thanks to the care provided at UOSSM Physical Therapy Center in Kilis, IK underwent a transformative rehabilitation journey. With a personalized treatment plan focusing on pain relief and muscle strengthening, IK regained functionality in her hand and now enjoys a pain-free life, able to pursue her studies and daily activities with ease.

When IK, 14 years old, came to UOSSM Physical Therapy Center in Kilis, she broke her right hand several times. The first was due to her falling when she was running at the time of the earthquake and the last one was when she fell on her hand at school. She was suffering severe pain and was unable to do her functional movements such as writing with her hand, which badly affected her studies. In addition, she was unable to use her hand to make fine movements like when she picked up small things. In addition, weakness in the flexor wrist and fingers, thumb muscles, and the flexor digitorum superficialis added another kind of complication to her condition.

IK started Physiotherapy sessions at UOSSM Center in Kilis in October 2023. During the physical therapy program, she was provided with a hand brace to relieve pain and protect her from future injuries. The plan of treatment focused on relieving pain through cryotherapy, and valuable advice to strengthen her muscles inside the center or to apply it at home. In addition, she had to do exercises that included mobility exercises for the wrist and finger joints, then strengthening exercises using an elastic band, and fine interaction exercises by using tools such as balls, tongs, and wooden fixtures for turning and rotating movements.

Over a month of continuous and follow-up treatment, rehabilitation sessions were continued. Now IK writes and uses her hand easily, and the intensity of her pain reduces significantly. “I broke my hand more than once, and it prevented me from writing and working, but now I can write, and work and I don’t feel pain, difficulty, and challenge to achieve my daily life activities.” IK shared.