Miraculous Birth: Quadruplets Delivered at Al-Andalus Specialized Hospital

Syria, Jan 31st, 2024


A remarkable feat achieved by Al-Andalus Specialized Hospital as they deliver quadruplets during a rare event in the labor department. This extraordinary accomplishment highlights the hospital’s exceptional maternal and childcare amidst challenging circumstances in northwestern Syria. In recognition of their dedication and skill, the medical team is honored with commemorative medals from UOSSM management, reaffirming their commitment to providing unparalleled healthcare support.



In a testament to the unwavering dedication and expertise of the medical team at Al-Andalus Specialized Hospital, a rare event unfolded in the labor department on January 19th, 2024. With meticulous care and the skill of the gynecologist, a woman in the 32nd week of her pregnancy gave birth to quadruplets – a girl and three boys – naturally. This remarkable achievement not only underscores the hospital’s ability to provide distinguished maternal and childcare but also shines a light on their resilience amidst the challenging conditions in northwestern Syria. Today, we celebrate the exceptional efforts of the medical team, as they are honored with commemorative medals from UOSSM management, recognizing their commitment to overcoming significant challenges and delivering exceptional healthcare support to the community.