One Year Since the Earthquake

Feb 6th, 2024


As we commemorate one year since the devastating earthquake that struck southern Turkey and northern Syria in February 2023, UOSSM reflects on its extensive efforts in response to the crisis. Mobilizing all available resources, the organization has delivered over 80,000 medical and humanitarian services, playing a crucial role in saving lives and alleviating the suffering of affected communities. As the anniversary approaches, UOSSM expresses profound gratitude to humanitarian workers and supporters whose unwavering dedication and solidarity have been instrumental in the ongoing journey toward recovery and restoration of hope.


Following the catastrophic earthquake last February, UOSSM was among the many organizations that promptly mobilized all available resources to provide immediate assistance to the affected families in Syria and Turkey. From coordinating emergency medical teams to distributing essential supplies and establishing temporary clinics, UOSSM’s response was comprehensive and swift. However, our commitment did not end with the initial response. Until today, UOSSM remains steadfast in its mission to provide healthcare services and medical attention to hundreds of thousands of people monthly, ensuring that those in need receive the support they require. This ongoing commitment underscores UOSSM’s dedication to providing high-quality healthcare and rapid intervention, particularly in times of crisis. As we approach the anniversary, UOSSM reaffirms its pledge to stand by the affected communities, offering support and assistance as they continue on their journey towards recovery and resilience.