UOSSM and Syrian Civil Defense Conduct Training for Volunteers

Syria, December 6th, 2023


UOSSM, in collaboration with the Syrian Civil Defense, has conducted comprehensive training sessions aimed at bolstering community health initiatives. A total of 82 volunteers within the Syrian Civil Defense underwent intensive training focusing on various aspects of community health. These efforts are geared towards enhancing the volunteers’ capabilities and empowering them to deliver vital health services to their respective communities. The training sessions were strategically conducted across key regions including Idlib, northern rural Idlib, and northern rural Aleppo.


In a concerted effort to fortify community health infrastructure, UOSSM has joined forces with the Syrian Civil Defense, conducting rigorous training sessions for 82 volunteers. The training, which centered on community health practices, sought to equip volunteers with the necessary skills and knowledge to address prevalent health challenges within their communities. Covering topics ranging from basic healthcare principles to specialized community health services, the sessions aimed to empower volunteers to become frontline responders in delivering vital healthcare assistance.

These training initiatives come as part of UOSSM’s ongoing commitment to enhancing healthcare access and delivery in conflict-affected regions. With locations strategically chosen across Idlib, northern rural Idlib, and northern rural Aleppo, the program ensures that volunteers are strategically positioned to provide critical health services where they are most needed. Through collaboration and empowerment, UOSSM and the Syrian Civil Defense are working tirelessly to build resilient healthcare systems capable of addressing the diverse health needs of communities amidst ongoing challenges.