Press Release


June 24th, 2022

Paris, France – UOSSM has wrapped up its fourth medical mission in Ukraine, spanning two weeks in early June. The mission focused on delivering essential surgical training to frontline surgeons and strategizing future initiatives in the region.

Led by Dr. Ahmad Dbais and the UOSSM Ukraine team

in collaboration with the esteemed David Nott Foundation (DNF), the surgical trainings aimed to equip local medical professionals with specialized expertise. Notably, Dr. Khaula Sawah and Dr. Monzer Yazji, co-founders of UOSSM USA, actively participated in the training sessions.

The DNF, under the leadership of renowned war doctor Dr. David Nott, leveraged its experience from past collaborations with UOSSM in Syria to empower Ukrainian doctors with critical skills. Through the Hostile Environment Surgical Trainings (HEST), the goal was to enhance the capabilities of frontline surgeons in managing complex cases.

UOSSM coordinated logistics for the training sessions, collaborating closely with local authorities and inviting surgeons with diverse specialties to participate.

The HEST sessions comprised a three-day course in Dnipro, attended by 38 surgeons, and a similar course in Kharkiv, engaging 30 surgeons. These cities, situated on the frontlines, have witnessed numerous war-related injuries. The trainees expressed profound gratitude for the immersive training experience, acknowledging its potential to save lives in conflict zones.

In addition to the trainings, a complex surgical procedure was performed on a patient with war wounds, highlighting UOSSM’s commitment to delivering advanced medical care.

During the mission, Dr. Sawah engaged in discussions with Dr. Vitaliy Kryliuk, Director of the Ukrainian Ministry of Public Health Center of Emergency Medical Aid and Disaster Medicine. Dr. Kryliuk commended UOSSM’s efforts and stressed the importance of comprehensive training programs to enhance the skills of local surgeons.

Dr. Sawah underscored UOSSM’s solidarity with the Ukrainian people, drawing parallels between their experiences and those of Syrians affected by conflict. She reiterated UOSSM’s dedication to providing medical assistance and capacity-building support to alleviate human suffering.

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