Press Release


May 11th, 2022

Paris, France – UOSSM has been actively involved in responding to the crisis in Ukraine, leveraging its extensive experience gained from over a decade of conflict in Syria. From April 2 to April 12, UOSSM collaborated with renowned British war doctor, Dr. David Nott of the David Nott Foundation, to spearhead a surgical medical mission aimed at providing critical assistance to victims of the war in Ukraine. Dr. David Nott, alongside Dr. Monzer Yazji, Dr. Ahmad Dbais, and Dr. Mohammed Zaidiye, played instrumental roles in coordinating and executing the mission.

Over the course of 10 days

the medical mission team conducted operations and training workshops across seven major hospitals spanning eastern, central, and western Ukraine. Complex reconstructive and plastic surgeries were performed on victims of attacks, with 40 doctors receiving hands-on training during these procedures. Additionally, three comprehensive workshops were conducted, catering to over 37 doctors specializing in various surgical fields. These workshops focused on understanding the impact of different weapons on the human body during conflict, trauma management, emergency surgical techniques, and plastic and reconstructive surgery.

Plans are underway for another surgical medical mission to continue providing essential support to doctors and civilians in Ukraine.

Reflecting on his visit to Ukraine, Dr. David Nott remarked on the striking similarities between the devastation witnessed in Ukrainian cities like Mariupol and his experiences in Syria. Drawing parallels to his time in Aleppo, Dr. Nott emphasized the urgent need for humanitarian intervention to prevent further harm to innocent civilians.

In response to the ongoing crisis, UOSSM Ukraine has been established with operational bases in Lutsk and medical clinics in Lviv and Lutsk. These facilities offer urgent medical care to displaced Ukrainians and deliver crucial training programs to healthcare professionals.

Dr. Monzer Yazji, co-founder of UOSSM USA, emphasized the importance of providing immediate medical assistance and training to address the severe injuries inflicted by conflict. He underscored the international community’s responsibility to prevent similar atrocities from occurring elsewhere in the world.


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